Are you planning on buying a brand new Surface Pro? We understand the sensitivity of artists like you who need something to Boost Your Artistic Impression. No worries, as a deluxe quality Surface Pro is all you need to showcase your talent.

In this digital era of technology, keeping your life updated isn’t less than a hectic task. And especially artists, need to add extra effort to make their work unique and exciting. Manufactured by Microsoft, A Microsoft Surface Pro is an all in all package for them.

An enthusiastic gamer? Fond of action-packed movies? Or a compassionate graphic designer? You can use Surface Pro to calm all your hobbies. You’re able to use this as a tablet or notebook. With its high-quality touchscreen, use it in Tablet And Studio Mode to create exceptional art pieces.

My Top Pick…


We’ve reviewed some of the Top-Lined Choices. All these Surface Pro Models proudly own Impressively Easy Portability with premium performance. Consider buying our editor’s favorite pick. Microsoft Surface Pro LTE.

It ticks all the boxes of your expectations with high-class performance capacity. From its superiority in performance to stunning views on screen, consider this well-made Surface Pro your go-to buddy.

Why Do Artists Need to Surface Pro Screens?

Is there a question in your mind? Why do artists need to Surface Pro Screens? Well here are some of the best parts about The Best Microsoft Surface Pro Screens.

1.) Excellent Portability:

Imagine traveling and here comes the itch to draw some amazing art, you can’t afford to carry a heavy traditional laptop with you everywhere. That’s where this Affordable And Portable Screen solves your problem. Its lightweight design enables you to remove the itch and draw anywhere and anytime.

2.) Vastly Improved Performance:

This Ultra-light And Adaptable gadget allow you to catch wonderful opportunities with its high-quality Flexibility To Draw and create. An excellently updated system keeps you hooked on your creativity with no hinges and complications. Enjoy your hassle-free mini studio.

3.) An Excellent Value For The Money:

Spending a big amount of money feels a bit heavy on the heart. That’s why we all want to be extremely careful about buying something new. But with this A Fine Compact Multitasker you’re getting an efficient deal of high-class performance and sturdiness.

Best Surface Pro For Drawing

We’ve prepared a comparative analysis of the best budget Surface Pro For Creative Artists. Take a glance to get a broader perspective on their performance capacity, so you can determine where to spend your hard-earned money.

1Microsoft Surface Pro 7● 10th Gen Intel Core i5
Check Price
2Microsoft Surface Pro LTE● Intel Core i5 Processor
Check Price
3Microsoft Surface Pro 6● 8th Gen Intel Core Processor
● 8GB SD
Check Price
4Microsoft Surface Pro 4● Intel Core M3 Processor
Check Price
5Microsoft Surface Pro (5th Gen)● Intel Core i7, i5 Processor
● 16GB RAM
Check Price
6Microsoft Surface Pro X● Microsoft SQ1 Processor
● 16GB RAM
Check Price

Are you done with our comparison table? Now it’s to dig deeper into the features and longevity of Best Surface Pro For Drawing.

Not just you’ll get to know its performance capabilities but also about its stability. Make sure to read some of the essential buying tips at the end of the article. Let’s get started with the reviews.

Microsoft Surface Pro 71.) Microsoft Surface Pro 7


Whether you’re in an office or indulging in a hurry, this Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is super handy. It’s a bit high in price but worth the quality features you’ll get in it.


The very first thing an artist could notice is screen space to see their art forming. Its 12.3 Touchscreen Display grabs your attention at the moment, and its elegant platinum and black colors are all wow. Corners aren’t too wide nor too thin. In short, it becomes a perfect combo with its 3 working modes including tablet, studio, and laptop mode. Sounds like a dream come true for your inner artist, doesn’t it? It’s a next-generation laptop that takes care of you like a good guy.

And its well-implemented kickstand just makes the work more comfortable.


Creativity depends on performance, ever heard this phrase? You can’t get stuck when your mind is ready to burst into beautiful things because the laptop’s poor laptop system failed. Get ready to experience immersive adventures with 10th Gen Intel Core i5, 8GB Memory, and 128GB SSD. Providing you more Accuracy And Control, its mighty system is ready for all the challenges.

Download Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Creative Suite for intense artwork, and leave the rest on its 8GB RAM. Just remain focused on your boosted efforts. Moreover to keep your saved files unharmed, here it introduces integrated OneDrive. Now you’ll be sketching and doodling on the go, as there will be no fear of losing your exclusive digital illustration.

Battery Life:

Who loves to work focused when your gadget constantly needs charge? To solve this big problem of artists, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is equipped with a powerful battery that serves up to 10 hours of battery life.

Connectivity Options:

Making certain that you’ll be getting only the best, Microsoft offers a USB-A port along with incorporated a USB-C port. So you’ll get to enjoy it more and more by connecting with
other devices.

  • Magnificent Looking Motion Pictures
  • Free Update To Windows 11
  • Built-in Studio Mics
  • Not Suitable For Gaming

Final Verdict:

Hear the music loud and clear when your mind is clouded with some uneasy thoughts. This Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is perfect for traditional drawing and painting to some advanced sketch design.

Microsoft Surface Pro LTE2.) Microsoft Surface Pro LTE


This Microsoft Surface Pro LTE tends to be your best friend in drawing mind-blowing creativity.


With the display of 12.3-inch with PixelSense Technology, this smart invention has the flexibility of being a studio and tablet. Its big display puts forward wider view angles with thin corners to let you create and see the world in your mind. And its PixelSense Technology enables multiple users to use the screen at the same time. Meaning multitasking isn’t the problem anymore.


Equipped with Intel Core i5 i5-7300U Dual-core Processor, complete your work faster and use multiple apps with zero hinges. Its powerful processor offers you better control over minor details to get the exact result you want. And its 8GB RAM holds the responsibility of stored data to be received and read.

While the built-in Intel Graphics 6 enjoys maximum power efficiency and not just it, it also helps in keeping the system cooler. You can also play some of your favorite games at higher settings. To increase its Absurdity For Rich Graphics, Microsoft is offering a full HD resolution of ‎2736 x 1824.

Battery Life:

Enjoy 10hr to 13hr long battery with Surface Pro. Its strong battery life gives you tremendous advantages with time management as there would be no need for frequent changes.

Connectivity Options:

Its advanced wireless communication technology makes sure to create ease in your day-to-day life without being distracted by any kind of hassles.

Filled with the whole potential, this Microsoft Surface Pro 7 ensures that you won’t be left behind as it comes with microSDXC, microSD, microSDHC Supported ports.

  • 5 Times More Performance
  • Stunning Display Screen
  • Windows 10 Pro Operating System
  • Sometimes LTE Doesn’t Work Properly

Final Verdict:

Execute your brilliant work on its vibrant screen and be ready to experience surprising performance. Although you’ll have to give an extra bunch of dollars as a keyboard and pens sold separately.

And there are chances that users might face several issues in LTE settings.

Microsoft Surface Pro 63.) Microsoft Surface Pro 6


Be some classy while working on this elegant black surface pro. Get this Surface Pro Model in the black newest version. Don’t buy it just for the look as it’s presenting more than that.


The lightest surface yet wider and the best for graphic designers. Its 12.3 inches screen with grounded contrast proportion of colors could be your next valuable asset. The vibrant colors wait for your magical fingers to spread on the screen and give a magnificent view of balanced contrast.

Use it for basic everyday computing to exhibit your comfort by drawing brilliant designs. This high-spec laptop is available with other accessories that can make it all-in-one.


The little adaptable PC is all about wonderful performance. And what else could we expect from the influential 8th Gen Intel Core i5 Processor? As you may already know this Processor is considered ideal for multi-threaded performance.

Get Draw A Stickman for drawing video games to binging on Abstract, Drag Race on Netflix, the choice and fun is all yours to have. You just need to learn how to take full advantage of its high-end processor.

For professional vector artists, the Intel HD Graphics 620 isn’t any less than a blessing.  It can show your work in exceptionally smooth details with no screen bleeding. And the cherry on the top, its high-profile picture quality of ‎2736 x 1824 is pretty enough for drawing your creativity.

Battery Life:

It becomes a very remarkable PC substitution by allowing enjoying long creativity hours with no wire tangled. The 13 hours of the battery will surely be about digital mark-making, note-taking, and drawing.

Connectivity Options:

In this aspect, it falls a bit. As the brand hasn’t given us a new USB-C Port. But no need to be worried, you’ll have USB-A Port to be able to connect with other devices steadily.

  • Excellent For Everyday Programming And Applications
  • Highly Sensitive Touchscreen
  • 256GB Flash Memory Size
  • Almost Same As Older Version

Final Verdict:

This Stunning New Black Color does the job amazingly but if you’re hoping for something new in this newest version, don’t buy it. It owns more power and control over width and force and enables you to draw in a digital format with pure comfort. Indeed a very good quality product.

2017 Microsoft Surface Pro 44.) 2017 Microsoft Surface Pro 4


Next on the line of best is our favorite one. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 welcomes you to the world of natural and effective composing. Here is a deep search on its features.


The Lightweight Design and the smoother new dark shell are available in wider visibility. Its 12.3-inches screen promises you to experience your best life work with PixelSense Technology. That shows more crisp and detail-oriented views.

Its highly sensitive touchscreen avoids unbiased hues and color inaccuracies. And its well-designed kickstand holds the responsibility of your uninterrupted creativity period.


Discussing its amazingly smooth performance let’s discuss its Surface Pen. Stylus or Pen Precision is extremely important while drawing on flashcards, and Microsoft knows it well. Adore working on Procreate for limitless art and creativity with its high-tech pen.

To keep your work on the top, its Intel Core M3 processor along with Intel HD Graphics 520 won’t let you feel disappointed and lost. Plus, 4GB RAM with 128GB SSD Drive sounds perfect for unlimited storage and smooth handling.

Wait here is more, a front-facing webcam of 5 MP and 8MP back-facing cameras will get you the benefit of online meetings and calls. While its ability to record videos in 1080p HD is all you need to prepare impressive proposals for your potential clients.

Windows 10 Operating System will be there to keep up your game with updated versions of applications.

Battery Life:

The high-end tablet Pro 4 gives the advantage of effective time management. As it has a longer battery life of up to 9 hours that can meet your criteria of getting the work process uncomplicated.

Connectivity Options:

Want to enjoy wireless communication? Get wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with no need for any wires and integrated ports. Although it does provide a full-size USB 3.0, headphone jack, and Mini DisplayPort.

  • High Pixel Density
  • Built-in Stereo Speakers
  • Excellent Value For Money
  • Mouse Pointer Freezes Sometimes

Final Verdict:

Surface Pro is a real game-changer when it starts on superior execution and show technology. The exclusive ultra-slim design makes it great for traveling and exploring. Play with stunning color contrasts on the screen with amazing portability and data security.

Microsoft Surface Pro (5th Gen)5.) Microsoft Surface Pro (5th Gen)


High on a budget? We have something special for you. The Microsoft Surface Pro (5th Generation) is the top-line Surface Pro for content creators. Student, professional, or a gamer, this well-built laptop is for all.


Like all others, it also offers a 12.3″ Display Screen with PixelSense Technology at a higher resolution of 2736×1824 pixels. The most applaudable benefit you’re getting is it functions immediately on Multitouch, Hand Gestures, and Optical Recognition.

This quick-performing screen allows you to do group projects and display your brilliant ideas in a very convenient manner, from now on multitasking isn’t any headache.


Love Apple’s iPad’s performance? But Apple iPad’s are expensive, so this Surface Pro (5th Gen) puts forward just steady performance at a reasonable rate. Experience the best execution with an Intel Core Processor that is faster at 1.8-GHZ, serving you with the best of the best graphics.

Moreover, see an extensive performance as its 16GB RAM is the best approach for playing high-end games to draw and create with high-class software.

Be creative and get in a studio mode with ven better Surface Pen. Draw your magical imagination in a possible breathtaking color with its HD resolution and balanced contrasts. You can buy its vastly improved type cover separately, the keys feel more profound and bouncier with your magical hands on. And its advanced mouse provides the best pointer experience.

Battery Life:

With a longer battery life of up to 13 hours, you’re getting what you’re paying for. Not just excellent work efficiency but also a great benefit of amazing longevity. With its improved quad-core processor with impressive battery life, what else could we artists wish for?

Connectivity Options:

The Wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology help you connect with the world around you to maintain your personal and professional work in line. Other than this, it holds a USB-A port as well.

  • Cover Keyboard-&-Trackpad Combo
  • Customizable And Ultra-convenient
  • Intel Iris And HD Graphics
  • A Bit Expensive

Final Verdict:

Enjoy better quality games with Intel Iris Plus, or keep your level up with Expressive Pixels for creating pixel arts. It’s been designed by reliably focused on imaginative experts.

Microsoft Surface Pro X6.) Microsoft Surface Pro X


Last but top on the performance, this Microsoft Surface Pro X is a beast of the series. Our most-favorite Surface Pro Of All Time. Want to know why.


This one is a next-generation laptop with a 13″ wider display range. The lightest and thinnest Surface Pro also holds an edge-to-edge screen, giving you broader space to carry your work exceptionally well. Its stunning new black color in matte provides sophisticated vibes and successfully mimics the expectations of consumers. A tablet is certainly worth the look.


With 3 working modes including laptop, studio, and tablet mode. Open the kickstand and use this well-designed gadget like a laptop to complete your conventional processing assignments.

Want to go in your artist mode? Get the accurate 15-degree angle small studio by lowering the kickstand. For playing games in tablet mode, close the stand and get to enjoy the stand-alone tablet.

The new Alcantara Type Cover with a more extensive glass trackpad is all you need to keep your creative game updated. To keep things cooler, here you go for Surface Slim Pen. The pen attaches to the surface magnetically. The cherry on the top has a Microsoft SQ Processor that is the backstage hero of its secret remarkable performance.

Battery Life:

Through its long battery life of 12 hours, enjoy prolonged periods of entertainment and creativity. No worries about annoying charging reminders, so you’ll be focusing on your inner ideas.

Connectivity Options:

Offering 4G LTE Connectivity, this Microsoft Surface Pro X saves you from slow-speed connections. Means unlimited opportunities to connect and share your wonderful ideas with the world.

  • The Best Deal For Money
  • Ideal For Comic Journalists And Socialists
  • Impressive Sturdiness
  • Night Light Doesn’t Work On External Displays

Final Verdict:

If you wish to invest your money in something valuable go for it. This Microsoft Surface Pro X is extremely popular among professionals and artists. It presents a lot of unplugged power in exchange for an hour of battery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How To Boost Drawing Experience With A Surface Pro?

To boost your drawing experience with a Surface Pro, buy the Surface Pen and keyboard to make it one of those less expensive workstations. Well, it alone does the job amazingly well but with the pen, you’ll enjoy showcasing your creativity.

Can We Play Games On Our Surface Pro Tablets?

Yes, absolutely. With Surface Pro Tablets you can enjoy intense gameplay moments at high settings and that too with no screen saturation. The high-quality processor takes care of your highly optimized gaming experience.

What Is The Best Surface Pro For Work?

Wish to have some portable device to work on the go? We would strongly recommend the Surface, Pro X. But for a highly preferable solution, Surface Laptop 4 owns all the required durability and features to be your companion in your work.

What Is The Best Microsoft Surface For Drawing?

To get the creative hardware of choice, you can go for Surface Pro 7. It’s excellently compatible with Adobe Software and almost works efficiently with all other tools as well.

Can You Draw On The Surface Pro?

You can draw the finest artwork on the screen of Surface Pro. The experience becomes more intense with Surface Pen. As the device will accept your handwriting immediately with a highly sensitive touchscreen.

Buying Tips To Pick The Best Surface Pro For Drawing:

Excited to buy the Best Surface Pro for Drawing? By now you must be heading on the website to order an elite-class Surface Pro For Drawing. But what about reading some essential buying tips before you click on the Buy Now button? So you can choose the one to keep up with your skills and experience.

1.) Screen Size:

Whether you’re buying Surface Pro for word handling and downloading or for other purposes such as linework or colorwork. All you need is a good screen space to enhance some sharpness and details in your work. For this, keep your extra effort on the screen size of a powerful gadget.

A wider screen will likely welcome you to showcase your art pieces with more sophisticated ideas. An ideal option you can find in these adaptive tablets is a 12.3-inches display. You could even find a 15″ wider view by spending a few more dollars.

2.) Screen Resolution:

The higher the resolution the detailed results you’ll be expecting on the screen. Resolution shows the number of pixels that combine to make the image on your display screen. That’s why the more pixels the better. For annotating, sketching video games and exclusive digital illustrations, you’ll need more than 1080p screen resolution.

But you don’t need to worry about this aspect, as all the best Microsoft Surface Pro Screens on this list are offering more than enough.

3.) Compatibility With Latest Apps:

Imagine ruining money on a gadget that is incompatible with the apps you need in your work? Sounds like a nightmare. Before you spend money on Microsoft Surface Pro, remember to check its compatibility with your needed software and apps.

Adobe Creative Cloud Apps, Autodesk Sketchbook to sketch, Spirality for creating perfect mandalas, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Creative Suite for intense artwork, OneNote and Microsoft Whiteboard for notes taking. Your selected device must be compatible with all these apps if you’re buying to create art pieces.

4.) Battery Life:

Have you ever experienced the phobia that comes with lower battery power? Doing work for a prolonged time surely needs high battery capacity with longer usage time. A bigger battery means more time to bring your wonderful ideas into reality. So make sure to check the battery life so you don’t have to run again and again to charge your Best Microsoft Surface Pro For Drawing.

Wrapping Up!

So far you’ve been presented with top-notch Surface Pro for drawing. Have you decided which one is your go-to choice? Well, with the help of the above-mentioned reviews and buying tips you’ll surely decide quickly. All these products shown are excellent in performance along with high-end durability. So what are you planning to do now? Enjoy drawing and creating your emotions with the Best Surface Pro For Drawing.


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