How to Use a Laptop in Bed Without OverheatingWe know using a laptop in your bed or couch is something more than comfortable. Agree? 

Of course, you will second me because we all love to watch a movie, play games, and perform long activities on our laptops by staying in our cozy bed and mushy couch. But, we all know what problems it brings – placing the laptop on the bed means your laptop is on fire.

How to Use a Laptop in Bed Without Overheating

So, what could be the solution? As nobody wants to interrupt the comfort zone, how is it possible to keep the laptop cool in bed? Are you also looking forward to the answer? 

Stay along then because it’s all about How to Use a Laptop in Bed without Overheating!

Why Do We Prefer Using A Laptop in Bed?

You may be a freelancer, student, designer, or entertainment freak, you must do a lot of tasks in your bed. But performing long activities by sitting straight on a table and chair makes you tired, bored, and annoyed, so when we are using laptops at our home, we rush to the bed or couch.

We know, this comfort zone increases our creativity and productivity; moreover, keeps us relaxed and fresh for longer.

What are the Issues of Using a Laptop in Bed?

When you use the laptop by lying in your bed, it becomes very hot and starts to interrupt your regular activities. 

The mattress makes your laptop slow, sluggish, and unresponsive. When your laptop gets unbearably warm, it may also catch fire.  Moreover, heat affects the laptop’s performance and lifespan, too.

Why Laptop get Overheated in Bed, Couch, or your Lap?

Using a laptop in your bed or couch is not safe at all; when you use a laptop on a mattress, the laptop foam works as an insulator and blocks the air passage. The laptop needs constant airflow when you put your laptop on a mushy surface, it makes the laptop warm due to the clogged bottom.

This overheard laptop is dangerous for you and even the laptop’s efficiency and lifespan. Hence, you should look for ways that can help you in reducing the overheating issues and dissipate the heat appropriately.


Laptops have holes at the bottom when you put your laptop on the bed, its mattress prevents air circulation. So, effective ways should be used for ventilating the laptop. 

How to Use a Laptop in Bed without Overheating? 

Well, it is hard to give up the habit of using the laptop on the bed, but we have to take care of the temperature regulation of our laptop. We know, laptops have cooling slots, we shouldn’t block them so laptop fans push out the hot air easily.

The following are more accessible ways that you can confidently follow to prevent your laptop from heat and to keep your laptop cool forever. These worthier hacks will help in the temperature maintenance of your laptop and make you use your laptop in your lap.

Let’s dive into them!

  • Use a Laptop Cooling Pad:

The first recommended way is to buy a cooling pad and put it under your laptop to keep your laptop cool.

This cooling pad keeps the temperature low and offers a great screen view; though this cooling pad is a flat surface, it works as a stand and gives you many extra perks.

  • Use a Laptop Bed Stand:

When the laptop gets overheated, it becomes unresponsive, so you must use practical ways for keeping your laptop cool.

Apart from the cooling pad, we have more options for you and it is using the bed stand.

The bed stands come in different sizes and shapes, so you can grab the one that suits your style and fits your bed. You can also use an adjustable laptop stand so you can set it according to the place you are using it.

Apart from reducing the temperature, these stands come with a plethora of other benefits.

The manufacturer companies don’t use the material that can log the laptop slots. Well, the stands are more effective as they keep your laptop cool. So you don’t need to be worried about a heated laptop in bed.

  • Use the Hard Surface:

The hard surface is a useful yet free way of keeping a laptop cool. For this, you can pile up a wooden cutting board, a plastic tray, or some books. You can also use any small stool for using your laptop over it in the bed.

  • Clean The Vents (Exhaust Area):

One more solution that you need to apply is, cleaning the vents – the vents that get clogged due to dust and due to these blocked vents, the process of air exchange also gets affected.

So, you must clean the vents maybe after every week because it will reduce the chances of overheating laptops in the bed.

  • Service The Laptop:

Many times the laptop faces some internal issues that keep blocking its air passage and eventually the laptop gets overheated.

So, don’t forget that your laptop needs service every 6 months; for this, you can contact any professional or use an air vacuum at your home. Just unscrew the laptop carefully and use a hairdryer or vacuum for blowing off the air.

  • Hook the Laptop to your TV:

Here is one worthier but a temporary solution, hooking the laptop to your TV; yes, you can hook your laptop to your TV through Bluetooth or HDMI cable. This way, you can watch the movie or play the game from a distance; hence, no need to keep the laptop in the bed.

Here we have covered everything about How to Use a Laptop in Bed without Overheating; follow the solution that suits you and say no to the overheated laptops.


A heated laptop is a nightmare for laptop users because it makes the laptop sluggish and reduces its lifespans. But, from now, no need to get the tension of a heated laptop because we have mentioned many practical ways in this article. 

You can adopt these ways and keep your laptop efficient and productive all the time. The most suitable way is to buy a bed stand and put your laptop over it; well, the cooling pads are also effective, you can use them even on the stand.


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